Our deep experience in the development arena, coupled with our commitment to quality and professionalism, uniquely position Aseana Holdings Inc. to offer a full range of services and to meet the diverse challenges of developing a new product.

• Project Feasibility

          Aseana Holdings Inc. rigorously conducts its due diligence before proceeding with any project. As part of its exacting culture, the company performs highest and best use studies, financial analysis, legal/regulatory reviews on all projects prior to execution. The company also regularly taps its consultants for other specialized requirements such as quantity surveying, structural analysis, soil investigation and land surveys.

• Development

          As master-developer of Aseana City, Aseana Holdings Inc. also conceptualizes and develops its own real estate products. Depending on market conditions, Aseana Holdings Inc. can easily tap into its vast commercial and residential landbank to independently pursue its own real estate opportunities

• Project Management

          As part of a 45 year old construction and real estate conglomerate, Aseana Holdings Inc. leverages its relationships with its affiliates to provide expert construction and technical (engineering, architectural, masterplanning, landscaping) sevices for the cost- effective execution of all its projects.

• Leasing /Sales

          From commercial to residential to industrial to retail, Aseana Holdings Inc. has encountered and negotiated relatively all types of real estate lease and sale transcations. Aseana Holdings Inc. values its ability to rapidly convert properties into income-generating assets which can produce the highest yield relative to the current market conditions.

• Property Management

          Aseana Holdings Inc. views each tenant and locator as a client and goes the extraordinary lengths to anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. Property/Estate Management is committed to providing premium service in high-quality space.

          Aseana Holdings Inc. has an in-house team of technical professionals who oversee all aspects of our buildings' and properties’ operations, including engineering, security, fire safety and sanitation.